“It is impossible to stop cadence. A bell rings long after the clapper hits the cup.”

― Steven James Taylor 

Communication is often at the heart of organizational conflicts and inefficiencies. Ineffective or nonexistent communications strategies contribute to low employee morale, diminished productivity, poor crisis management, and other workplace issues. On the flip side, strategic and streamlined co-op communications bring organizational cadence by improving interdepartmental relationships, motivating employees and increasing productivity.

Are you looking for a communications workshop to energize your team for change and prepare them to hit the ground running? Perhaps you’re searching for guidance on how to create effective internal and external communications strategies that convey the co-op difference. Rest assured, our Cadenced Co-op Communications Services are here to help.

Learn more about our services, select the option that best matches your needs and begin improving communications within your co-op today.


Select the corporate coaching package that best matches your needs and help your workforce become healthier, happier and more productive. 


Lunch and Learn Wellness Presentations 
Virtual or In-Person

Looking for a communications workshop to energize your team for change and prepare them to hit the ground running? Learn more about our virtual and in-person workshops! Virtual workshops are one hour in length and in-person workshops can be customized from one hour up to a full day in length. 

Popular Lunch and Learn Presentation Topics:

Eat This. Not That. 

Tiny is Mighty.

How to Align Communications Efforts with Your Co-op’s Strategic Goals

How to Develop Effective Employee Safety Communications

Step-by-Step Co-op Crisis Communications Planning

And more!



Corporate Wellness Program Packages: 

4-Week Tiny Habits Behavior Design Program

6-Week Holiday Weight Maintenance Challenge

On-Going Employee Health Coaching Program

4-Week Nutrition Education Package

Custom Program Designed Specifically for Your Company

Tired of hosting the same workplace wellness challenges every year? Maybe you're struggling to get your company's employees to take part in health initiatives. We have the solutions you need! Cadenced Health Coaching offers several engaging wellness program packages that are designed to spark the interest of your workforce and help your employees become healthier, happier and more productive. We offer several tried and true packages and can also work with you to create a custom wellness program.


Co-op Management Training:
In-Person Communications Workshop

Your co-op’s frontline managers play an essential role in ensuring the organization’s internal communications messages reach all employees. They also, in large part, define the co-op’s culture. Our 4-hour, in-person management training teaches frontline managers how to effectively communicate with employees and colleagues. Through this training, your management team will also learn how effective communication can help guide the co-op toward its strategic goals, improve the co-op’s culture and more. 

Package includes: 

Tips for effectively communicating with employees, management peers and superiors

Guidance for creating team cohesion

Tips for introducing organizational change

The importance of co-op employee onboarding

And much more! 


Ongoing Marketing and Communications Services

Examples of marketing and communications services: 

Social media content development and management

Marketing campaign development

Creation of employee communications materials

Public relations assistance

Online community management

Crisis communications management

Annual report creation, and more!

Ready to take your co-op’s marketing and communications strategies to the next level, but don’t have the resources to expand your team and manage the workload? We can help! Our ongoing marketing and communications services are designed to supplement your current team. Want to better connect with your membership or improve your employee communications efforts? We’ll develop and deliver the marketing and communications efforts you need on a schedule and level to match your co-op’s budget. 

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