“Emotions create habits. Not repetition. Not frequency. Not fairy dust. Emotions.” 

― BJ Fogg


Tired of sliding back into unhealthy patterns, never achieving the lasting changes you desire?

It's time to develop the skills of change needed to design the life you desire. No diets. No quick fixes. Individual coaching with Cadenced Health Coaching is about creating a new lifestyle and reshaping your identity to match the healthy life that you want to live. It's about discarding the habits that aren't serving you and developing new habits that will drive you toward a desired future. 

Certified Tiny Habits Coach Shayla Ebsen will guide you through a proven process of behavior change to help you build the life you desire and that you can't wait to live into. 

Let's work together to define your desired outcome and create a plan to help you get there.

Cadenced Health Coaching is rooted in the approach that lasting change happens when people feel good about the change process. We also believe that tiny changes to behaviors lead to mighty results.

Small Changes Lead to Mighty Results

Discover the Tiny Habits Method

What role does data currently play in your internal communications strategy? If your co-op is similar to most, data likely plays little or no role in employee communications efforts. While evaluating metrics is a weak spot for many corporate communications departments, the current gap provides an immense opportunity for using data to drive strategic communications decisions. 

Thinking like a data analyst in your communications role offers the insights needed to develop targeted and effective plans. For example, rather than posting weekly updates to an intranet or putting a printed newsletter in the breakroom because that’s what has always been done, learn how to use data to hone the co-op’s communications channels and refine your messaging to better engage and motivate the workforce. As a personal payoff, thinking like a data analyst can significantly reduce the time you spend developing and releasing internal communications materials. Approaching your role with a data-first mindset will also elevate your value within the organization. 

This playbook and the included templates will teach you how to use data to drive internal communications efforts and bring more value as a corporate communications professional.

Data Guru

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Meet Your Coach

Shayla Ebsen

I'm Shayla, founder of Cadenced Health Coaching. I'm a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Nutrition Coach. I'm also a certified Tiny Habits Coach trained by the team of Stanford University Scientist and renowned Author BJ Fogg. In addition to those certifications, I hold a Master of Arts degree in Interpersonal Communications. 

Beyond coaching individuals and groups through Cadenced Health Coaching, I'm also the voice behind the Runner Moms podcast. The podcast is an extension of the Runner Moms community, which exists to help moms leader healthier and happier lives. 

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Anti-Diet Culture

Motivation is NOT the Answer

How many times have you gone all in on a diet, promising yourself that this is the time you'll finally achieve lasting change? And how many times has that 'all in', 'go big or go home' approach brought you right back to where you started?

Diet culture is a lie. It's set up to make you fail because it relies on motivation. Unfortunately, motivation doesn't last. It's like that flaky friend who is always up for a party but who won't answer your call when real life settles in. 

I'm here to show you a better way to create the life you want. As a certified Tiny Habits Coach trained by the team of Stanford Behavior Scientist BJ Fogg, I'll guide you through a science-based, proven recipe to bring any desired behavior into your life. 


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