“What little things can I tweak that might make a big difference?”

― Robyn Conley Downs

Tired of feeling stuck, unable to achieve lasting progress on losing weight, improving your finances, feeling happier or making other lifestyle changes?

Enroll in our Life Design Workshop to end the cycle of self defeat and finally design the life you want. 

Here's the secret that diet culture doesn't want you to know and that mainstream society hasn't yet figured out:

"Emotions create habits. Not repetition. Not frequency. Not fairy dust. Emotions." - BJ Fogg


Our 6-week Life Design Workshop includes:

Life Design Workshop booklet, habit recipe cards and other workshop materials (mailed to you)

6, 1-hour virtual classes

Weekly email and chat check-ins with Coach Shayla Ebsen

Access to workshop class videos 

Access to private community of Life Design Workshop participants

Based on the revolutionary Behavior Change Model developed by Stanford Researcher BJ Fogg, our Life Design Workshop will guide you through a proven, science-based process of designing habits into your life that will help you achieve desired outcomes. 

Certified Tiny Habits Coach Shayla Ebsen will help you clarify your life aspirations and will guide you through each step of building habits to achieve those aspirations. 

Our program is based on the truth that, if you want to achieve big outcomes, you must first start small. We'll teach you the secret recipe for designing any type of behavior that you want in your life. 

The best part? You'll have fun every step of the way because another core tenant of our approach is that people change best when they feel good, not when they feel bad. 

Enroll today in an upcoming Life Design Workshop and design the life that you can't wait to live into. All Life Design Workshops are being held virtually through the pandemic.

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Invest in Your FUTURE

Individual Coaching includes:

Weekly 45-minute coaching video calls

Life Design booklet, habit recipe cards and other materials (mailed to you)

Coaching services individualized to your experience and needs

On-going email and chat with Coach Shayla Ebsen 

And much more!

Looking for a one-on-one coaching environment? Learn more about our individual coaching services!

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When it comes to creating healthy habits, tiny is mighty.

Whether you want to eat healthier, improve your fitness or make other lifestyle changes, our Tiny Habits guide will teach you how to design the life you desire. Get instant access to the quick start guide and start improving your life today! 


Tired of feeling like you're failing at improving your health? 

When it comes to creating healthy habits, tiny is mighty. Download our quick start guide and discover the power of the Tiny Habits method.